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Clearings & Healings

As a Reiki Master, I have worked with people and pets to heal through illness, trauma and injury. In addition to working on the energetic and emotional body, I incorporate intuitive guidance and CBT as needed to help facilitate holistic healing. 


Clearings can happen in the body, or in the larger home environment, and I help to move stuck energy and re-establish flow.


~Rosie N.~I can't say enough about Wendy Both

From the minute she walked into my home there was a sense of comfort that she brought with her. My dog Molly was very comfortable with her as she examined her and did reiki work on her , she was very gentle and very personable and enlightened me with some great info about my dog , that was very comforting .She proceeded on to even doing some reiki healing on me which was extremely helpful and eye opening .
I highly recommend her to every animal owner and even to the animal's owners
she's gentle ,loving ,and caring.

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