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~Ali & Michael Berba~

"We were honored to have had Wendy officiate our October wedding ceremony. Wendy holds a special place for us. She has previously worked as our Reiki master and has helped us navigate several challenging periods in our life including comforting our dog in her last days and the loss of a family member. Wendy was extraordinary as our officiate. Always poised, professional and loving.

She provided the ideal framework for our special day. From her meticulous preparation to the flawless execution she couldn’t have been more perfect. We adore Wendy and consider her a life-long friend"

~Lisa M~

"Wendy is the real deal. She has healed two of my dogs and gave me insight into them and myself as a result of her Master Reiki healing and Gift of Intuition.  She gave 6 extra months of quality life to our beloved doberman, Frankie and also knew exactly how to connect with our Mastiff who had a raging infection after an ACL surgery so we could determine he was on the wrong medication.  With Frankie I  was desperate, my 4 year old doberman way dying of heart failure. I was referred to Wendy. The moment she sat with my dog he went from anxious to calm.  He ate for the first time in days after the session. Despite the doctors saying death was imminent, he got more energetic with every session. Wendy is caring, compassionate and the best at what she does. With our Mastiff Royce, he was suffering from an out of control infection. Royce was lethargic, not eating and going downhill fast. The surgeon assured me he was on the right medication. Wendy connected with Royce and knew what questions to ask.  Royce was not on the right medication. On Wendy's information we changed the medication and he healed! Wendy truly cares. She follows up to make sure things are going well. She makes herself available when emergency's arise. A true professional with a huge heart. If your reading this you need her"

~Kamiz A Nick~

"All I have to say is that I owe so much to Wendy for my sons well being.Last year my son got into a horrific accident and broke his neck and was in ICU for 5 days and was not able to eat or even drink anything, even jello.But when Wendy showed up to the hospital and did her magical touch on my son, my son immediately felt a tingling sensation in a wave form through his entire body and right after Wendy left the hospital, my son was able to drink, eat and sit up and talk to me.If that's not magical, I don't know what is. God bless u and your family for what you did for me and my family"

~Sara B.~

“I had the privilege of attending my ex-husbands wedding in Lake Placid recently. It was beautiful and perfect in every way including Wendy's exceptional job as the officiate. She brought her unparalleled grace, love and beauty to a day that was unforgettable for all. Highly recommended"  


"Wendy is truly gifted! I'm a believer of Reiki and the spirit world, but Wendy takes it to another level. My mom tapped into her thoughts who passed away 15 years ago so that she could contact me to relay some helpful messages to me and let me know she is happy and always watching over me.

Wendy has helped me deal with life and has helped me release some fears and blocks that I had. All this in just two sessions! Will be back for more with my dogs too!"


~Tyler C~

Wendy is a true healer. She is the quintessential reiki practitioner--warm, soothing, easy to talk to, intuitive, charismatic and kind. Spiritual hygiene vastly improves by being in her presence. I've had several reiki sessions with her and am looking forward to many more. Every session is unique and enchanting in it's own light. She has helped me release emotional blockages. Physical pain is alleviated too.

I feel freer and closer to my authentic self than I have in years. I am manifesting my dreams again; even ones as small as a good parking spot. When I am feeling out-of-tune, I make an appointment with her. I notice the instant and residual energetic shift each time. Life is amazing when the energy flows!

Furthermore, she is capable of channeling angels and spirit guides. She is a conduit. She's made several insightful comments, which must have come from another realm. One specific comment was about finding an inspiring relationship where we both make each other higher. This was a thought I'd had over the past few weeks. I did not share it with anyone. She knew it.

Reiki has instilled a renewed faith in our universe for me. Repressed memories have occasionally resurfaced. And 'letting go' is getting easier because of reiki. It's as if my inner child is reawakening. Fear-based thoughts and emotions are lessening and responding to myself, people and environment with love and appreciation has increased exponentially.  

She has reminded me to ask for things again. I tend to forget. Asking in my mind is enough. Higher entities are hearing my requests. It is incredibly awesome how often I receive what I ask for once I believe it will come. Wendy has taught me angels and guides communicate with us through repeating number sequences. I am seeing these almost on a daily basis now validating I am still on the appropriate wavelength.

There were pent-up emotions in my liver. She gently placed her hands on my side. I could feel her hands heating up and immediately felt release. She has motivated me to raise my vibration and the vibration of those around me. Healers like Wendy make the world a better place to live.

One session she removed an old chemical from my body; something I was exposed to as a child. Afterward I was more open. People are approaching me and initiating positive interactions more frequently at work and even on the street. Opportunities are gravitating toward me regularly. Life is smoother now. I am truly grateful for finding Wendy and making reiki part of my life. Whatever your journey may be I am confident a reiki session with her can help you immensely along your path.

~Samatha and John B.~

"It is rare to find a person like Wendy, who can brighten a room and raise the energy level by her mere presence. Being around her is a lesson in kindness, empathy and love, she radiates wellness and wholeness and is more than happy to share that with those fortunate enough to be around her. We count ourselves among those fortunates, and are grateful to be able to share our deep respect and admiration for her and the work she does to any and all that we can"



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